How to Find the Right Company for You

When you are embarking on a new search for your dream job, it is important that you find the right company for you.  The biggest reason that jobs don’t work out well for candidates is not money or ability to do the job, its actually “lack of a corporate fit”.

There are certain factors you should consider before contacting any recruitment agency or the company you are considering working for, and these are listed below. The first step is for you to work out what your requirements are “before” you start sending applications or your dream job could end up being quite the opposite.

Some Factors You May Wish To Consider
What kind of reputation does the company have in the market?
Does the values of the company align with your own?
How is the company structured?
Does the company offer a good career path?
Does the company provide training courses that will enhance you career prospects?
Does the company offer a competitive package (salary, bonus, healthcare, benefits etc.)?
Does the company provide a car or car allowance?
How is the company performing financially?
Does the company look like they could be bought out?
What size of company do you want to work for (local, national, international – pros and cons)?
Will this company positively impact on your future career?
Will working for this company look good on your CV?
What is the company culture like?
What are the company premises like?
Does the company have a high turnover of staff?
Who are the people you will be working with?
Does the company offer childcare facilities or child care vouchers?
What are the working hours of the company?
What are the travel costs, travel time to get to work?
What are the car parking facilities at work?

By first understanding your personal requirements for the company you next work for you will be able to focus your time on the companies who will be able to meet your requirements and to steer recruitment agencies towards only sending you to companies who can meet your aspirations. For example there is no point in being sent for an interview with the owner / MD of a small business if you wish to be an MD yourself in the next two years. Your aspiration would be unachievable even if the “job” you were considering was great.

Recognising what the most important factors are for you, at the onset of your search will not just help you find the right company for you but will also allow you to be more prepared at the time of interview and will equip you properly with questions for the company that you have been unable to find out.

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