Benefits of Working as an IT Contractor

People become IT Contractors for a variety of reasons; flexibility and independence, freedom from corporate politics, and the ability to very quickly make a big difference to their Employer.  IT Contractors do not depend on the success of a single business to produce income and meet their financial responsibilities, in addition their remuneration rate tends to be considerably more that their permanent equivalent.  Growing numbers of people are discovering the attraction of being an IT Contractor and below are some of the key reasons why:-

Being Your Own Boss
Becoming an IT Contractor is an opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to take control of your working life. This can be extremely enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding.

Freedom and Flexibility
IT Contractors can choose when and where to work, and when to take holidays etc.  For both women and men, the IT Contractor route is the ideal, flexible solution for managing non work related demands while retaining good earnings and even improving their position on the career ladder.

Variety and Added Value
By moving from contract to contract and Company to Company, Contractors usually develop a varied and valuable portfolio of business experience and an impressive CV.

Filling Unplanned Breaks in Permanent Employment
If you are in between positions due to unforeseen circumstances such as redundancy, taking on an IT Contractor role can provide you with an income during your job search.

Increased Opportunity to Secure a Permanent Role (if desired)
Given many Companies seek a Contractor while they are recruiting for a permanent Employee, this can give the IT Contractor an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and suitability for the permanent role.  Often working as a Contractor can lead to a permanent job offer as the Company is able to assess if the IT Contractor is capable of performing the role and if they fit in to the culture of the company’s department / organisation.

More Money – Less Tax
Contractors are usually paid more than Employees working alongside them on a project.  IT Contractors who take professional advice can also greatly reduce the amount of tax they pay.  According to experts, independent Contractors earn up to 40 percent more per hour than permanent Employees.


  • Do you have the ability to go from Company to Company, adapting to their different conditions, different tools, different culture, and different ways of working?
  • Do you get on with other people, and are you willing to help other people when required?
  • Can you make new working relationships easily?

To register as an IT Contractor please contact on 0844 2577 888 for a confidential discussion.  We are dedicated to providing excellent services for their IT Contractors.  If you are new to working as an IT Contractor, we can also provide you with advice on how best to proceed.  To register with us, please forward your CV and/or contact us on 0844 2577 888.

If you have any questions regarding this article or require further information, please call us on 0844 2577 888.

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