How to Succeed in Your New Job

When you secure your new job or take the next step in your career you will face many challenges. At ATR Solutions we feel as a recruitment consultancy that our role is not just to help you find a new role, but to help ensure that you succeed in your new position, below are some helpful suggestions:-

Create a good First Impression
As you first start your new role it is imperative that your new work colleagues and managers initially have a very positive impression of you.   Your attitude will define how others see you and as such you need to be approachable, helpful and enthusiastic.  Show commitment to your new employer by working hard and putting in the hours that are required for you to be successful in your new role.

Build good working relationships
You should be looking to build good working relationships not just with those you have direct contact with but others throughout your new employer.   Get to know the key people throughout the company and introduce yourself especially to the top performers at your level so you can learn from them.

Research goes a long way
It is always important to do your research on your potential new employer when you are going for an interview but it is equally important to do further research on your new employer after you have been successful in in receiving a job offer.  Get to know the company’s culture, their core values and working practices so that you can successfully adapt to their working environment and adopt the principles of your new employer. When you are starting out in your new role it is important to acknowledge and realise the potential challenges that may need to be overcome for you to be successful in your new position.

Using your initiative
Often when someone new comes into a business they can have a unique perspective on the company’s current business processes, and often can see ways in which processes can in fact be improved. It shows initiative to put forward recommendations for potential improvements.
However your recommendations should be reasonable and justified and you should avoid trying to change things simply to make an impact. As advised earlier it is important that you have taken the time to understand your new employers working environment and culture before putting forward your ideas as this could result in resentment towards you if you are not careful.

Dress for Success
Many companies have different dress codes so it’s important to ensure that you fit in to the environment and culture within your company – so if Friday is dress down day you don’t want to be the only one coming into work on a Friday in full business dress. However in general you should always appear smart and where possible wear the type of clothes you would need for the next grade  up – if you look the part, it has been proven you are more likely to gain promotion.

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