When to Accept a Job Offer

12 Questions to ask before Accepting an Offer.
Receiving a job offer is a great boost for most candidates, and generally after going through a sometimes exhaustive interview process it’s very tempting to accept the offer there and then.  However in our recruitment agency we often see candidates who are looking to move because a new role did not live up to expectations.  We want to help you ensure that when you move, it really is for all the right reasons and therefore to avoid future disappointment we believe that you should always ask yourself the following 12 questions before you accept a job offer :-

How is this company financially performing?
Ensure you review the companies’ accounts if possible for the last 3 years, as this will let you see how they are performing and what the business trend is e.g. is turnover increasing or have profits diminished? This is even more important if the company is small or not known to you.

How has this vacancy come about?
Find out the answer to this question by asking it of your recruitment consultant, and at the first interview and if the final interview is with a different person ask it at this stage as well.

When was this role last recruited?
You need to know the answer to this question, and if it was recently recruited e.g. in the last 6 months to a year, when was it recruited for before that, and why did the previous people leave.  LinkedIn research can help you to get in touch with past employees who may be willing to informally give you the answer to these questions.

How many people have been promoted at my level in the last 2 years?
Who was the last person to be promoted and what did they do to achieve this?

Why do people leave this company?
This again is a difficult question to ask at an interview and again it may be worth connecting with past employee’s on LinkedIn to find out the answer.

Why does the company wish to recruit me?
You will naturally wish to believe that you are indeed the very best candidate for this job, however you should take a step back to see if there are other reasons e.g. do you bring inside knowledge from one of their competitors, or are there other reasons.   This is not in itself a bad thing, but you just have to be aware of the possibilities should you decide to join their company.

Does the companies’ culture fit with my ideals?
Think about the type of company culture you prefer, then look at the people you have met, what you felt when you were in their offices – does it feel like the culture matches what you are looking for.  If you can, talk to people who currently work there or have worked there in the past, check that what they say on their website matches the reality.

What is my potentially new Manager like to work for?
It is crucial you work hard to informally reference your new boss. Speak to people you trust to seek their opinion. Check out their Social Media (LinkedIn / Twitter) profiles.

When was the company last restructured?
Ask if there are plans to restructure the company in the future and also find out when the last re-structure took place.  The last thing you want to do is join a company in a constant state of flux.

Does the contract match the verbal offer?
Make sure your contract matches exactly what was discussed during your interviews and in particular that it matches your verbal offer.  I personally recommend you go over all the terms and conditions to ensure you don’t miss anything important.   We are not suggesting that you go back to the client on lots of little points, but that you make sure there are no serious anomalies that could adversely affect you in the future.

Will taking this role positively impact my future career?
When thinking about this role, imagine it on your CV in 2 years’ time, is it more likely to help you advance in the future?

Am I accepting this role for the right reasons?
What are your reasons for taking this role?
Is it of interest to you because you really want the position or do you feel that you need to take?
If it does not feel right, think about the long term implications of taking this role before you accept the offer.

Asking yourself these questions will help ensure that you have thought through all the implications of accepting the job offer and will help you avoid making a bad decision. We don’t wish to put you off accepting an exciting new offer that will help you advance your career, we just want to make sure that the decision you take will definitely help you make a decision that ensures your career grows and flourishes. We would like to wish you well in your future career.

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