Thinking About Leaving Your Job?

STOP! Before you leave your job you really need to think about exactly why you want to move.  Should you stick with it or go for something new? In our recruitment agency we speak to a lot of people who have not given enough thought to their reasons for moving, clearly we want to help you move if you are really committed to a change, however the move has to be right, and sometimes there are good reason to stay put where you are.

1. Your career is stagnant and you want a step up
2. You’re not getting paid enough
3. You’re bored
4. Your company culture does not fit with your ideals
5. You are stressed out

1. Your career is stagnant and you want a step up
If you did want to leave for a better position do you have the qualifications and skills now to obtain that role? Make sure you look into this in detail before you start your job search as that way you will not be disappointed.

2. You’re not getting paid enough
If this is the case, then you will need to understand what skills are required to take you to the next level financially, and ensure that you received that training.
Often your existing company will be happy to pay for your training.
Once your new skills are obtained ou will be in a better position to move to a better paying role.

3. You’re bored
Start looking for roles that match what you want from your next position or look at different jobs altogether, attend training if you need to brush up on new skills and then start your job search.

4. Your company culture does not fit with your ideals
Companies can change – new management or mergers and acquisitions can totally change the culture within a business and if you feel that those changes don’t match your personal ideals then it may be time to look for a new role.
However before you start searching for a new role, make a note of exactly what you don’t like about the culture – were there signposts about this when you originally interviewed with the company?  Being aware of this information will ensure you don’t make the same mistake again!

5. You are stressed out
Is your workload unreasonable; are you under extreme pressure to meet deadlines? These can be great reasons to look for a new role, but sometimes changing role is not the immediate answer.
What you have to look at is “why“ is this happening?
Are other people in your company doing the same job, but they are not stressed?
The first thing you need to do is look at what is making you feel stressed; do you have realistic timescales and deadlines for your projects?
Do you have a clear set of objectives for each activity?
What about “Time Management” are you being as effective as possible or are you wasting time in un-productive meetings that you don’t really need to attend, or taking lengthy calls that you don’t really need to take?
Are you focussed on the “most important things” every day?
We find that sometimes changing your time management philosophy and habits can transform your time at work – also if you are overloaded speak to your manager, for example tell them you have two jobs:- they both take 8 hours and you have 1 day to complete them so can the deadline be extended or can one of the tasks be allocated to a team member? Remember your manager is getting paid to sort out exactly this kind of problem.
If the problem with your role is your lack of time management then if you don’t fix this you will just have the same problems in the next role you take.  If genuinely your company can’t or won’t reschedule your workload, and it is unreasonable, then absolutely you should look for a new position!

You have probably gathered by now that we don’t want people to stay in a role that’s unfulfilling – we just want to make sure that our candidates for our clients roles are truly clear about what they need to do in order to obtain a new role, and to make sure our newly placed candidates don’t end up in another position that makes them miserable.

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