How to Deal with Redundancy

In our recruitment agency we regularly speak to candidates whose roles have been made redundant. Redundancies are unfortunately a fact of life particularly in the current environment, however redundancies aren’t always a bad thing, and we find that a person’s “attitude” towards their redundancy can have a profound effect on how they will fare after this event.

We believe that instead of seeing redundancy as a negative in your life and having that feeling that things are going ‘downhill’ why not see it as a new challenge. Being optimistic about redundancy is the key to getting back into employment.

Redundancies give you the opportunity to tackle something new.
If the job you were doing wasn’t what you wanted for your life plan, now is the perfect opportunity to change that!
Why not change your career path?
Start your own business as you now have the freedom to do that.

Step One: The first step you need to take is assessing your financial situation. Although you should receive a redundancy payment, you need to assess how long you can realistically afford to be out of work. Put together a 3 month plan which will allow you to evaluate what cut backs you need to make, if any!

Step Two: Networking. Begin networking. You’ve probably gained lots of contacts from doing your previous role, now is the time to take advantage of that and use them! Attend events and begin building your professional network. You’re now in an advantageous position because you’re now available, immediately!

Step Three: Keep busy. This unexpected leave of absence means you have the time to get some things done! You could upgrade your skill set and take a college course. Or finally decorate that second bedroom or even learn a new language! Take advantage of this free time and use it wisely.

Step Four: Job hunt. Start the job hunt. You don’t want to have a huge gap on your CV so you need to start the job hunting process as soon as possible. Embrace social media for alternative ways to find and connect with people and jobs. Utilise all the job boards available to you and register with a recruitment agency. We can help you find the right role for you, even if you are changing your career path!

Note: Redundancy doesn’t have to be a negative. Be optimistic about your situation and you’ll be back in work in no time!

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