10 Good Reasons to Reject a Counter Offer!

You have taken the decision to leave your job and move into an exciting new role, however when you resign your current post, this can be seen by your current employer as a tactic to gain an increase in salary. It’s flattering to receive a “Counter Offer” however below are 10 good reasons showing why you should say No!

  • Your current employer was not paying you what you were worth; it’s not a good idea to stay with a company who only gives you an increase under threat of resignation.
  • Companies have fixed budgets, so where is your pay rise coming from? Were you due a bonus you now won’t receive or will next year’s pay rise be capped?
  • Your boss will not want you to leave, not because you are “wonderful” but because it is “inconvenient to the business” – especially if you are involved in key projects or sales negotiations.
  • It’s possible that your employer will start looking for your replacement immediately, and at a lower cost than your new salary, which can place your position at risk.
  • Now that your employer knows you were happy to leave the company, your loyalty will always be in question.
  • You will have built a relationship with your Manager and now trust with that manager will be badly affected because he/she knows you would have left if more money had not been offered.
  • When key promotions come around your employer will remember who was loyal – and more importantly who was not – those who threatened to leave are likely to be passed over for promotion.
  • When times are tough and your employer needs to reduce staff, the cutbacks are more likely to begin with you because of a perceived lack of commitment to the company, and the fact that you now have a higher salary.
  • Normally the same issues that caused you to want to leave in the first place will not be resolved, and often promises made are not kept.
  • Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, the probability of you leaving within 6 months or being let go within one year are extremely high, and by that time your wonderful new job has been given to someone else.

At ATR as a Recruitment Agency we see the negative results of people accepting a counter offers, our advice is to remember that if they truly valued you they would have ensured you were happy and properly rewarded for your efforts. A counter offer is only a belated recognition of the contribution you have made to your company had the pay rise been unprompted; wouldn’t that be a lot more flattering? We think you should move ahead with the goal of making yourself as valuable to your new employer as you now know you were to your old.

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