Skype/Video Conference Interview Protocol

Our Recruitment Agency along with an increasing number of tech savvy companies is now increasingly using the internet to conduct interviews online. The key benefits are that this saves travel time to the interview for both candidates and clients and usually enables the interview to take place quicker.
The downside is that as a candidate you don’t get to make that “personal connection” in the same way as you would in a face to face interview.
This makes it even more important that you “smarten up” for the interview.

Do’s and Don’ts
Make sure you are properly connected to the site where the interview will take place and that your webcam is working properly.
Review the background the client will see – you want to make sure there are no off-putting materials behind you or windows looking onto unsightly areas. (Close the curtains and put on the lights if necessary).   Ideally you want to skype or video conference with a plain wall behind you.
Make sure that everyone in your home knows you are on an important Skype call and that there will be no interruptions.
Dress for your call in exactly the same way that you would a face to face interview – you still want to create a great first impression! Too often people think that because they are “at home” it is OK to wear a T-Shirt! It’s not OK.
If there is a problem for any reason with making the connection ensure you have a contact phone number from your recruitment agency for the person interviewing you, at worst you can speak to them on the phone while seeing them at the same time.  If a connection is impossible for whatever reason, ask the interviewer if they want to conduct the interview on the phone or if they would like to arrange a face to face meeting assuming its geographically possible.

Note: Companies like Regus can host a video conference from their offices all over the world – this could also be an option if a face to face interview is impossible to organise.

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