5 Reasons to Work for a Small Business!

We speak to lots of candidates with differing views regarding the types of organisations that they want to work for, and undoubtedly there are benefits to working for large blue chip organisations with a global reach and thousands of staff. However many people prefer to work for smaller business’s, and although we have no preference in our recruitment agency, below are some of the reasons that people choose to join small businesses:-

Small businesses are more agile
In a small business you don’t have the politics, bureaucracy and red tape associated with larger companies, this means that you are better able to influence decisions, address issues and take action. You don’t have to get things passed through several meeting and signed in triplicate – you can simply just get things done! This frees you up to do your job and to be super productive!

Your role will usually have more variety
In a small business everyone usually gets involved in a myriad of tasks to ensure the business succeeds, typically in a large organisation your role is very clearly defined and you dare not go outside of your area of responsibility, however in a small business you will find that you can be undertaking tasks not normally associated with your core role, giving you more experience and often more exposure to senior management as well. This experience will help make you more resourceful in the future, reduce boredom, and give you a wider range of skills to put on your CV / Resume, making you a more attractive candidate in the future.

Increased responsibility
In a small business usually more responsibility is placed on individuals, you are more likely to have to make decisions quicker and will be trusted to decide quickly. You will also be responsible for those decisions; the buck will stop with you!  This does help many people learn quickly and cope with pressure; these are skills that will develop your inner confidence, make you accountable and will also give you valuable experience to add to your resume or CV.

Greater recognition and job satisfaction
In a small business your contribution will matter more, which raises your profile within the company and makes it easier for you to shine. Your performances if good, are more likely to be both recognized and rewarded, because of the positive impact they have on the business and this generally leads to an increased sense of being valued which leads to better job satisfaction. There are none of the politics of a massive corporate to hold you back, but you have to be aware that there is no place to hide in a small business and your performance good or bad is highly visible, in our recruitment agency we would advise that you really believe in the company and their mission before you take on the role.

Increased career opportunity
Joining a small business either in start-up mode or at ground level, assuming the product or service the company provides has an excellent value proposition, can in fact present you with a massive opportunity to rapidly develop your career. In a small business as the company expands more jobs are created, this in turn creates management positions and this can enable you to rise rapidly. For example a skilled sales professional joining a start-up could move into a Sales Director role if he or she is successful within 3 to 5 years, whereas to rise to this level in a major corporate could take at least twice as long. Being successful in a small business will give you skills that will make you a much more valuable person in the job market. Should you decide to look for a role elsewhere you are more likely to achieve your “dream job” in a shorter period of time, than had you joined a massive company where you are a small cog in a big wheel.

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